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Duties of the Party Committee Office

         1. Responsible for organizing and arranging various conferences convened by the Party Committee as well as meetings jointly organized by related departments in the name of the Party Committee.

         2.Responsible for organizing and arranging various meetings and activities convened and organized by higher level Party Committees.

        3. Responsible for drafting and delivering important speeches by leaders of the Party Committee, work plans, work reports, summaries, rules and regulations, letters, Party Committee resolutions, documents submitted or issued in the name of the Party Committee, as well as guiding Party-associated departments and grassroots Party organizations in their presentation of official documents.

       4. Conduct in-depth surveys in accordance with the central work, or the intentions and requirements, of the Party Committee in order to provide valuable advisory opinions upon which to base the Party Committee’s decision-making, as well as managing, supervising and encouraging the implementation of the Party Committee’s resolutions and work plans in various departments and organizations so as to provide timely feedback to the Party Committee.

        5. Responsible for approval-submission and process-expediting of requests for instruction, reports and accounts submitted to the Party Committee by various departments and organizations university wide.

        6. Responsible for registering, circulating, managing, inspecting and returning, and filing documents, telegrams and letters delivered by upper lever department leaders and associated colleges within the university.

        7. Responsible for the daily work of the Party Committee’s security office, assisting the office in the guiding and monitoring university security, as well as being responsible for receiving, distributing, submitting for approval, filing, checking and returning, and destroying confidential documents and inside data.

        8. Responsible for gathering, sorting and filing Party Committee documents.

        9. Represent or assist the Party Committee in handling public letters and visits, in order to ensure a smooth channel of communication between the Party Committee and the masses, as well as working hard to follow up and deal with important letters and visits as instructed by higher authorities and leaders of the Party Committee.

        10. Responsible for coordinating the relations between each department within the Party Committee and various grassroots organizations in order to properly handle the submission and issuance of relevant documents and instructions, as well as coordinating the comprehensive work jointly conducted by various party and administrative departments.

        11. Responsible for documenting, organizing and composing memoirs of Party Committee activities.

        12. Responsible for managing the official seal of the Party Committee and of the Party Committee Office, as well as its letters of introduction; in addition to managing the engraving and recycling of all of the official seals of the Party Committee and administration for the entire university.

        13. Handle the task of receiving upper level Party Committee members and leaders of organizations in the Party system of other universities, colleges and related institutions.

        14. Responsible for receiving visitors from upper level work units, other universities, colleges and other institutions who come for liaison work and study tours of our university, as well as arranging meetings, visits, study tours, etc. for the leaders of the Party Committee.

        15.Responsible for accomplishing other work assigned by the school authorities.

         Contact Information

                Telephone: 0898-65882971; Fax: 0898-65884856 Address: Room 405, No.1 Office Building,

                Hainan Normal University, South Campus

                99 South Longkun Road, Haikou, Hainan Province

                 Postal Code: 571158



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