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On the morning of September 28th, Mr. James Levy, the Consul General of the U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou, and a group of four visited our university. Principal Lin Qiang and Vice Principal Shi Haitao attended the symposium. The atmosphere of the meeting was very pleasant, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on various topics such as ecological environmental protection.

Principal Lin Qiang gave a comprehensive introduction of the historical development, professional setting and teaching characteristics of the university. Meanwhile, Principal Lin Qiang introduced the status quo and achievements of the ecological environment construction in Hainan Province, and the contribution that the university has brought to the field of ecology and environmental protection. He also highlighted the efforts that the university made in rural education where we have sent a large number of outstanding teachers to take root in rural education and provide quality training courses for rural teachers. Vice Principal Shi Haitao added few points on the achievements in the field of ecological environmental protection. He suggested U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou to expand exchanges and cooperation between the university and the research institutes in the United States in the fields of environmental construction and sea turtle protection.

Consul General James Levy thanked Principal Lin Qiang for sharing. He also shared his own experience and felt it was very important to strengthen the cooperation and communication in solving environmental and species protection issues. Although China and the U.S. have frictions in the trade field, it is particularly valuable to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the field of humanities exchanges, especially in the field of sea turtle rescue and protection. He greatly appreciated the achievements of the teachers and the students of the university and express the willingness to provide support for the teachers and students to exchange and study in the United States though the resources of the Consulate General. 

Before the meeting started, Consul General James Levy and his delegation visited the Biodiversity Museum and Turtle Rescue Station. After the meeting, they exchanged gifts and took photos. Colleagues of the Office of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange and the College of Life Sciences attended the symposium. 

(Photo: Han Maoqing)



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