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On July 5, Jill Blondin, Director of the Global Education Office in Virginia Commonwealth University of USA, andthe delegationvisited our school.President Lin Qiang of our school met with the guests in the conference room on the third floor of the office building.

Lin Qiang warmly welcomed Jill Blondin and the delegation and briefly introduced the history, development plan and subject advantages of our school. He hoped that the two schools would strengthen the exchange of teachers, academic research and student exchanges.Jill Blondin introduced the overall situation of Virginia Commonwealth University and the basic situation of the College of Education, saying that Virginia Commonwealth University is a research-oriented general practice university. The College of Education of the University invests heavily in scientific research every year and attaches great importance to expanding cooperation with Chinese universities.Subsequently, Lin Qiang and Jill Blondin jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the two schools, marking the formal conclusion of an inter-school cooperation relationship between the two schools.

Officials fromAcademic Affairs Department, Office of InternationalCooperation and Exchange, College of Music, College of Fine Arts and other relevant units attended the meeting.



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