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April 3, 2020

On the morning of April 3rd, our school carried out emergency treatment drills for suspected symptoms of sudden COVID-19 pneumonia in the area near the basketball court in front of 13 dormitory buildings in Longkun South Campus, so as to prepare teachers and students for returning to school. All the party and government team members of the school, the heads of relevant administrative units of the school and some teachers and students participated in the exercise.

After the person in charge of the school prevention and control office reported the preparation for the drill to Li Hongmei, Party Secretary of the School, Li Hongmei announced that the emergency treatment drill for suspected symptoms of COVID-19 pneumonia had officially started.

The exercise was conducted in accordance with the instructions of the emergency case handling process of the School Prevention and Control Office. The contents of the exercise include information report, sending suspected infected persons to hospital, checking close contacts, transferring close contacts and isolated observation, closed management of student dormitory, disinfection of student dormitory, campus environment disinfection, external information release and public opinion monitoring, etc. 

After the emergency drill, President Lin Qiang made a concluding comment. He pointed out that the pneumonia epidemic in COVID-19 came out of the blue, and people all over the country struggled for it for three months. Now the epidemic situation has improved. This exercise was a very timely and meaningful exercise before the school started, and all departments should deploy according to the corresponding deployment plan. He stressedthat: First, the whole school should attach great importance to the prevention and control of epidemic situation, sum up the experience of this exercise, constantly improve the ability to deal with sudden epidemic situation, make all kinds of preparations for epidemic prevention, and make preparations for the beginning of school. Second, the teachers and students of the whole school should not be taken lightly. After the start of school, they should strictly follow the scientific guidelines for prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic in COVID-19 to ensure the safety of teachers and students. Third, through this exercise, we should draw inferences from others, seize the time to conduct drills for dealing with other emergencies, sum up experience and learn lessons, and do a good job in safety, so as to lay the foundation for the long-term safety of the school.



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