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On May 29, our university held the fifth network video conference of Confucius Institute council with SEGi University. President Lin Qiang, Office of Academic Affairs, Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Department, International Education School and other members of Confucius Institutecouncil attended at the conference.

President LinQiang delivered a speech first; he indicated that the council meeting had to be held in such a special way as video conference during the epidemic outbreak, introduced the control of China over the epidemics and represented thatHainan Normal University had fully recoveredto normal teaching state and students of different grades had been successfully back to school. President Lin Qiang conveyed his sympathy to SEGi University on behalf of Hainan Normal University, and expressed his thanks to the supports given by SEGi University to the Confucius Institute, and spoke highly of the good achievements obtained by Confucius Institute in terms of Chinese teaching, cultural activities and media promotion, etc. in 2019

Prof. Ji Pingguang, President of SEGi University made a speech then. He firstly introduced the epidemic situation of Malaysia, which is still in the period of conditional action restraining order. He said that China controlled the epidemic outbreak well and set an example for Malaysia and Malaysia could learn from China and use the anti-epidemic measures for reference, expressed thanks to multifacetedsupports given by Hainan Normal University to Confucius Institute during the epidemic outbreak and looked forward to closer cooperation with Hainan Normal University in the future.

Both parties conducted a discussion and reached an intention on strengthening intercollegiate cooperation. President Lin Qiang indicated that full support and involvement in expert resources would be given to online Chinese courses, “The Belt and Road” forum and online seminar and activities on Chinese culture of Confucius Institute during the epidemic outbreak. Both parties would continue the cooperation in exchange program, scholarship program of Confucius Institute and the program of pursuing doctorate. After that, President Lin Qiang represented that they could promote the deep communication of teachers and students from both universities by means of webcasting, online training & seminar, renewing the friendship between both universities and playing an active role in promoting the continuous cooperation of both universities.

Our University Held the Fifth Network Video Conference of Confucius Institute Co


Our University Held the Fifth Network Video Conference of Confucius Institute Co

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