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June 22, 2020

On June 20th, 2020 Hainan College Student Computer Design Competition and 2020 China College Student Computer Design Competition in Hainan Province were successfully held in our school. Leaders and experts attending this competition include Vice President Li Sen, responsible persons from Academic Affairs Office, School of Informatics. Undergraduate group and higher vocational group were set up in this competition. Each group first went through the school-level selection competition of colleges and universities. After fierce competition, 163 works of undergraduate group and 67 works of higher vocational group finally entered the Hainan provincial competition of computer design competition.

In the morning, Li Sen and others observed the competitions of various groups and gave guidance on how to carry them out better. In the afternoon, the closing ceremony of the competition was held in Zeng Xianyun Lecture Hall of Guilinyang Campus, and all the leaders, experts, teachers and participants attended the closing ceremony. At the closing ceremony, the leaders of each judging panel made professional comments on the entries of each competition, and the person in charge of School of Informatics announced the winning items of this competition. After the meeting, the participants took a group photo.

This competition promoted the cultivation of innovative talents in computer application. Many students gained experience, enthusiasm and inspiration in the competition.


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