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August 27, 2020

On the afternoon of August 26th, the school carried out an emergency drill for prevention and control of epidemic situation in autumn semesterin order to implement the spirit of higher authorities’ documents on prevention and control of epidemic situation, do a good job in prevention and control of epidemic situation in autumn school in 2020, ensure the health and safety of teachers and students and maintain a good teaching order after school starts. The heads of relevant administrative units of the school and some teachers and students participated in the exercise.

The person in charge of School Epidemic Prevention and Control Office announced the beginning of the epidemic prevention and control exercise in autumn. The exercise was conducted in accordance with the instructions of the emergency case handling process of the School Epidemic Prevention and Control Office. The combination of scenario simulation and field exercise was conducted according to the real scene of students returning to school, with emphasis on the students’ identity verification, body temperature detection, information registration, reexamination of those with excessive body temperature, and medical treatment by special car.

After the drill, the person in charge of the school prevention and control office made a comprehensive review of the drill, demanding to check for deficiencies and fill in gaps as soon as possible, further improve the process and refine the measures, and strive to ensure that the staff, materials, measures and implementation are in place, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is efficient and orderly when teachers and students return to school.

It is reported that in order to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students after returning to school, the school has formulated a detailed work plan for prevention and control of epidemic situation in autumn, and each special working group has carried out field pre-inspection, constantly looking for problems, summing up experience, and conducted comprehensively antibacterial and antiviruswork on dormitory areas, teaching areas, dining halls and other areas.


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