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August 29, 2020

On the morning of August 27th, the school held a preparatory meeting for the fall semester of 2020 in the second conference room of the first office building of Longkun South Campus. President Lin Qiang, Vice Presidents Shi Haitao and Li Sen, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection CommissionYang Weiguo, Party Committee members Wang Renbin and Gao Wencai attended the meeting, and the principal leaders of the teaching and auxiliary units of the school and the presidents of various colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by President Lin Qiang.

At the meeting, the Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Management Office, Student Affairs Office, Admissions and Employment Office, Personnel Office, Security Office, Graduate School and other relevant functional departments reported the development of summer related work and the completion of the preparatory work for the fall school. Vice Presidents Shi Haitao and Li Sen, and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Yang Weiguo made specific arrangements for the work in charge and the prevention and control of epidemic situation at the beginning of the autumn semester.

Lin Qiang thanked the faculty and staff who insisted on working in the front line during the summer vacation and fully affirmed their work. In Qiang pointed out that the school will push forward the school opening work under the condition of normal epidemic prevention and control, and hoped that all units in the school would unite as one and go all out to do a good job in preparing for the school opening work, such as epidemic prevention and control, investigation of potential safety hazards, standardization of education and teaching order, and reception for freshmen, so as to ensure the orderly operation of all the work. Lin Qiang also made specific arrangements for the key work in the new semester, such as the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the declaration of degree points, personnel reform, the openness of school affairs, the adjustment and operation of teachers’ education colleges, campus construction planning, cooperation between banks and schools, discipline evaluation, and the declaration of first-class majors. Lin Qiang put forward specific requirements for promoting the implementation of various tasks. First, emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, and on the premise of keeping the bottom line of risks, let go of the hands and feet and boldly try and strive for new breakthroughs and new achievements in various tasks; Second is to dare to behave, be brave in taking responsibility, face up to contradictions, face up to difficulties, dare to explore, work hard, and be responsible for keeping the soil, doing their duty, and taking responsibility when things happen to ensure that the work is truly implemented; Third is to avoid formalism, hold short meetings and talk short, create a working environment that does practical things and produces practical results, and effectively free the hands and feet of the faculty and staff from the shackles of formalism, so as to push forward all the school work in a solid way.


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