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September 4th, 2020

Recently, the results of Haikou City’s 2019 “Six Best” Volunteer Service Advanced Model Selection Campaign organized by Haikou City Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee were announced. The Sunshine Youth Volunteers Association of our school won the Best Volunteer Service Organization in Haikou in 2019. The “Little Inventors” Care for Migrant Workers’ Children Volunteer Service Project of the School of Physics and Electronic Engineering and the “Internet Plus Welfare” Volunteer Service Project of the School of Marxism won the Best Volunteer Service Project in Haikou in 2019. Teacher Lin Zhi of the Youth League Committee and Pei Ziwei of the School of Literaturewon the Most BeautifulVolunteer.

In recent years, the Youth League Committee has attached great importance to college students’ volunteer service, and the youth volunteers at all levels of the school have vigorously promoted the volunteer service spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, constantly strengthened the normalization, specialization and brand building of volunteer service, and combined volunteer service activities with students’ growth and development and professional characteristics, striving to build a volunteer service system with school characteristics. In the future, the Youth League Committee will continue to promote the healthy and scientific development of volunteer service in our school, lead the youth of the majority of league members to actively participate in volunteer service, and contribute youthful wisdom and strength to the construction of a high-level university with distinctive characteristics of teacher education.



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