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September 09, 2020

On September 8th, HNUheld a new undergraduate teaching conferenceforthenewsemester in the conference room on the third floor of the first office building, which was presided over by Vice President Li Sen. Educational administration leaders, teaching leaders and related staff from various colleges attended the meeting.

The principal person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office first summarized the work of the Academic Affairs Office during the summer vacation, expressed gratitude for the cooperation of the college, and divided the undergraduate teaching work in the new academic year into seven aspects: “professional construction”, “teacher professional certification”, “curriculum construction”, “practical teaching”, “2019 edition training plan revision”, “joint education” and “fund management”. Liang Guang, Head of the Academic Affairs Office, especially mentioned that specialty construction and curriculum construction are the key tasks of undergraduate teaching, and are also the substantive requirements of building “Double Tops”. It is required to further strengthen the construction of general education courses, labor courses and online courses, and strive to build a hybrid course combining online and offline within three years.

Li Sen highly affirmed the decomposition of undergraduate teaching work in the new academic year by the Head of the Academic Affairs Office, and thought that the summary of the above seven aspects was focused and organized, which was highly operable to guide the work of various colleges. At the meeting, Vice President Li Sen asked the colleges to speak freely and communicate actively, and put forward the problems and confusions encountered in the work so as to be properly solved, and asked the colleges to work more actively.

Finally, Li Sen pointed out that talent training has always been the top priority of undergraduate teaching work, and put forward four requirements for educational administration workers: First, it is necessary to raise awareness and strengthen study, teachers should teach and educate people, management should manage and educate people, and hope that everyone will continue to study the documents of the Department of Educationand the Ministry of Education ; Second is to clarify the tasks, work hard, and put the important work of the party and government in the school and the key work of the Academic Affairs Office in place; Third, we must seize the key points, reform and innovate, and fully combine the characteristics of Hainan Free Trade Port in terms of professional construction and new professional declaration, such as taxation, international trade, international finance and other professional declarations; Fourth, it is necessary to combine the reality to create characteristics, such as Brocade of Li Nationality created by the School of Fine Arts, and other colleges can also create  Li nationality language, Li nationalitymusic and other characteristics, tap the potential, and make greater contributions to the development of HNU.


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