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September 15, 2020

On the afternoon of September 14th, HNU held a warm farewell ceremony for the students who are about to join the army at the entrance of Tian Jiabing Education College.

Party Secretary Li Hongmei, President Lin Qiang, Vice President Shi Haitao, and leaders of Party and Government Office, Propaganda Department, Student Affairs Department, People’s Armed Forces Department, Youth League Committee and Academic Affairs Office attended the farewell party.

The school leaders shook hands with the students who are about to join the army, and took photos with everyone at the scene. Li Hongmei first expressed heartfelt thanks and cordial condolences to the students present, and said that you are students of our school and soldiers who are about to step into the military camp. I hope that you will keep in mind the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important speech and learn Xi Jinping’s thought of strengthening the army, devote the knowledge and skills learned by the school to the military camp, serve the motherland, continue to exercise physical fitness in the military, strengthen ideological and political study, and constantly improve yourself.

It is reported that after the arrangement of the provincial military commandand the Armed Forces Department of Qiongshan District, through a series of physical examinations and political examinations, under the leadership of the People’s Armed Forces Department of our school, a total of 54 are about be to join army, including 4 female soldiers and 50 male soldiers (including 31 graduates (including 6 direct recruits), 19 students at school),after half a year of hard work.



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