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September 17, 2020

Recently, Sansha Staff Bookstore andSansha Branch of Hainan Normal University Libraryjointly built by our school and Sansha City Federation of Trade Unions have been self-managed and opened to the outside world in Yongxing Island, Sansha.

In response to the national call of “Literary China, Nationwide Reading”, enriching the cultural life of Sansha people and improving the cultural facilities in Sansha City, at the beginning of this year, the school and Sansha City Federation of Trade Unions agreed to carry out long-term cooperation to jointly build Sansha Staff Bookstore and Sansha Branch of Hainan Normal University Library. Sansha City Federation of Trade Unions provides books and venue equipment. The school provides free library management system and self-service borrowing intelligent management system for Sansha Staff Bookstore, providing long-term free technical guidance for library management, and aiming at the reading needs of Sansha staff readers.In addition, readers from Sansha city’s employees can share the electronic resources of our library without restriction through the network.

In order to implement the task of co-construction as soon as possible, with the strong support of school leaders and education unions, the school library has arranged staff to work in Yongxing Island in Sansha for many times since May this year. In order to catch up with the time to catalog and put all the books on shelves, they overcame the difficulties such as inconvenience, illness and fatigue, and with the hard work and selfless dedication, finally finished cataloging, warehousing and putting on shelves of more than 18,000 books in Sansha Branch in September, and cooperated with the equipment company to do a good job of equipment installation and debugging, successfully realized self-help borrowing and intelligent management, and was fully open to Sansha employees.

The library will take the opportunity of “co-constructing a bookstore”, continue to give full play to its advantages and features, and continue to create a good environment of “having books to read and reading well” for Sansha, which will promote the formation of a good atmosphere of “being fond of reading” and help the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


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