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September 17, 2020

On the morning of September 15th, Li Hongmei, Party Secretary, Guo Jianchun, Vice President, Yang Weiguo, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Wang Renbin, member of the Party Committee, led a delegation to visit and investigate the projects under construction in GuilinyangCampus.

Li Hongmei and others visited the experimental building, public teaching building and student activity center under construction. The leaders of the Party and Government Office, Infrastructure Department, Finance Department and other units of our school, as well as the project manager, supervisor and other relevant personnel of the construction unit accompanied the visit.

The experimental building has been capped, and Li Hongmei and others entered the building for detailed inspection. “What measures do you take to ensure quality?” “How to check the raw material such as steel bars and cement?” “How is clean government education carried cement?”Li Hongmei made a request while asking, pointing out that this is a century-old project related to education, and asked supervisors to perform their duties and fulfill the “lifelong responsibility system”. First, it is required that the functional departments of the school, such as the Infrastructure Department, should not intervene in the engineering business except the daily work management. The construction unit is required to strengthen the education of clean government, keep the bottom line and protect cadres; Second, it is required scientific designto serve the feelings of teachers and students, to contribute to Hainan Free Trade Port, to improve quality and to be in line with international standards; Third, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, to speed up the construction progress of later projects, and deliver them on schedule without exceeding the coverage according to the drawings, so as to provide a good teaching and learning environment for the teachers and students of the school. She said that both schools and construction units should bear the main responsibility, manage their own cadres, and let professionals do professional things to prevent the emergence of a “vacuum zone”.

Guo Jianchun asked to strengthen quality supervision and report the situation to the school Discipline Inspection Commission in time. Yang Weiguo called for strengthening the investigation of risk points such as bidding and earnestly improving the ability of preventing and controlling the risks of clean government.


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