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September 20, 2020

It is time once again for welcome party for the freshmen with fragrance of osmanthus and the wind of coconut. On September 20th, more than 5,000 undergraduates of Class 2020 from across the country entered the school to register one after another, which started the journey of HNU as “New Family Member”.

This year’s orientation work was carried out in Longkun South and Guilinyang campuses respectively. The school adhered to the student-oriented principle and set up a leading group for freshmen reception and enrollment. All departments and colleges have a clear division of task, cooperated in an orderly manner, and created a “safe, orderly, warm, thoughtful, simple and fast” orientation environment for freshmen with a high sense of responsibility.

In front of Huang Huakang Gymnasium of Longkun South Campus and canteen of GuilinyangCampus, the exclusive registration tents, youth volunteer consultation service points, “all-in-one-card” receiving and activation points, green channel entrance consultation office, registration flow chart and campus registration plan are arranged in good order, and the registration of freshmen is carried out in an orderly manner. Among them, Student Affairs Departmentmade detailed arrangements for the registration process of freshmen in advance, and issued the Student Handbook to guide students to consciously abide by school rules and regulations, and to establish safety awareness under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control. Each college has prepared a new student package containing the Admission Manual, and established a parent contact group to guide the new students to quickly integrate into university life, so that parents can feel atease. TheLaw School prepared customized bookmarks engraved with the teacher’s words, and the counselor of School of Marxism prepared handmade cookies, which made the welcome scene very warm.

School leaders attached great importance to the registration ofClass 2020 freshmen. Li Hongmei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, and Diao Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, led the heads of various units to Guilin Yang Campus to inspect the orientation work. When arriving at a registration point at colleges, Li Hongmei asked the college in detail about the new situation. “How many new students have been recruited this year?” “Which major is more popular?”“Have you arranged a parent meeting?” Li Hongmei and others also came to the student dormitory to have a cordial conversation with freshmen and parents, asking students where they came from, their majors, and whether they were adapted to Hainan climate. Talking about the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and the advantages of Jiangdong New District, Li Hongmei encouraged freshmen to study hard and make contributions to Hainan Free Trade Port after graduation. “Parents of students, please rest assured that the school must train the children into talents!” Li Hongmei said.

Li Hongmei also visited the social service station and growth studio of the School of Literature, which is located in the dormitory area, and asked the college to give full play to the role of this dormitory cultural position, organize students to make full use of resources, strengthen ideological and political education, carry out reading exchange and sharing, form a typical position for educating people in dormitory culture, cultivate students who have firm ideals and beliefs, stand firm in the people’s position, train excellent skills and devote themselves to the great cause of a strong country, especially encourage them to go to the grassroots level, the Western Chinaand the places where the motherland needs them most.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the Network and Data Center uses big data technology to display the “Statistics Platform for Undergraduate Freshmen Registration in Hainan Normal University” in real time on the big screen of registrationpoint. The freshmen registration situation is clear at a glance, which has won praise from Li Hongmei, requiring further development and improvement, and bringing out more information achievements to benefit teachers and students.

At Longkun South Campus, President Lin Qiang, Vice President Shi Haitao and the leaders of relevant units came to Huanghuakang Gymnasium to inspect the orientation work, and had cordial exchanges with freshmen and their parents, expressing their care and deep greetings to freshmen, and sending greetings to student volunteers and logistics staff.

Lin Qiang also visited freshmen’s dormitory in Courtyard, asked freshmen and parents about epidemic prevention measures, dormitory arrangement and other issues, and welcomed their suggestions on various aspects of the school’s work, saying that the school will try its best to improve those aspects that need to be strengthened and improved. In the process of talking with the person in charge of the School of Tourism, Lin Qiang asked: “The school should adhere to the morality of the people, improve the pertinence of personnel training, and strengthen professional certification to increase the employment rate.” Lin Qiang also went deep into the dormitory to greet parents and freshmen, and encouraged students to adapt to college life as soon as possible, let go of their dreams, study hard, and strive to cultivate themselves into newcomers with ideals and beliefs and solid knowledge.

In order to help freshmen and their parents check in, carry their luggage and stay in dormitories, the school has organized a student-oriented volunteer team. Volunteers shuttled uninterrupted between the school gate and the dormitory area, which became a beautiful landscape in the campus of the HNU. School of Economics and Management, School of Life Scienceand other colleges have arranged one-on-one service for volunteers to welcome new students in advance. A volunteer from the School of Informaticssaid, “The weather is drizzling in the morning. At 6:20, I cleaned the rain and moved the tables and chairs at the registration point. As a volunteer, I feel very fulfilled and gratified when I help freshmen to see a grateful smile on their faces.”

The freshmen are full of longing and expectation for the university. One freshman said: “As soon as I arrived at the school, there were senior schoolmateswho led me to register, and the teachers also cared for us and made me feel the warmth of home.” 

In the special period of epidemic prevention, new students left their parents’accompanying and bravely took the first step in college life. Freshmen of Class 2020 who are full of vigor will ride the wind and waves on the campus of Hainan Normal University.

It is reported that there are currently 65 undergraduate majors in our school, which recruit students from 31 provinces (including municipalities and special administrative regions), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In 2020, a total of 5,215 freshmen were enrolled, and normal students accounted for 53.7% of the students enrolled in the school. As of 18:00 on September 20, the registration rate of freshmen of Class 2020 was 97.33%. From 20th to 22nd September, all colleges will carry out entrance education for freshmen, and formal classes will be held on 23rd.


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