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On December 21st, SEGi University of Malaysia and HNUheld a network video conference for the 6th Council of Confucius Institute. President Lin Qiang and Council members of Confucius Institute from Academic Affairs Office, Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, Institute of International Education attended the meeting.

Professor Zhou Sijun, Vice President of SEGi University, delivered a speech at first, thanking HNUfor its great support to the teaching work of Confucius Institute at SEGi University and the “the Belt and Road Initiative” Online International Chinese Education Forum during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, Zhou Sijun also affirmed the online and offline teaching and various academic and cultural exchange activities.

In his speech, Lin Qiang fully affirmed the work of Confucius Institute at SEGi University. Lin Qiang said that the development of Confucius Institute at SEGi University in recent years can not be separated from the joint cooperation and mutual support of both sides, and he is very grateful to successive presidents for their continuous efforts. Hainan Normal University will continue to take international Chinese education as the fulcrum, strengthen the connotation construction of disciplines and the construction of teaching force, strive to meet the needs of Chinese teaching in various countries, effectively improve the educational effect, train more high-quality Chinese talents and promote the development of multicultural exchanges.

The meeting had friendly exchanges and serious discussions on important projects such as local Chinese teacher training, education visiting delegation, Confucius Institute Summer Camp, the 5th “the Belt and Road Initiative”Forum, and inter-school cooperation and exchanges between the two universities.





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