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On the morning of January 15, an online signing ceremony was held byour university andMississippi College, the USA to work together and set up an undergraduate programin primary school education.

Lin Qiang, President of our university delivered a speech at the ceremony that our university has been committed to teachers’ education for over 70 years since its establishment, and has successfully reported the China-foreign cooperative education project with colleges and universities in Russia and the USA in recent years. The cooperation built by the special means of online signing in response to the special event of COVID-19 pandemics marks a new stage for both parties. At the same time, Hehoped that the COVID-19 pandemics will come to an end earlier, and when the time comes, Mississippi College, the USAcan pay an official visit to our university.

Dr. Blake Thompson, President of Mississippi College, the USA fully affirmed the preparations made for more than one year at the early stage. He said that both universities had the same vision and prospect in terms of student education, and expressed his desire to train more high-quality teachers through such cooperation so as to contribute to the primary school education of both China and the USA. At the same time, he invited Hainan Normal University to visit the USA in the future.

Both parties officially signed the cooperation agreement of undergraduate program in primary school education via online video, by which both parties will make teaching plan and training program together, and jointly develop the cooperative education project of “3+1” dual degree of bachelor. This project is intended to be reported to the Ministry of Education in 2021.

Responsible persons of Party and Government Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, Finance Department, Enrollment and Employment Office, College of Elementary Education, etc. attended at the ceremony.



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