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On May 10, 2021, President Lin Qiang chaired a meeting of promoting Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school, at which heads of Party and Administration Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Division, Graduate School, Recruitment and Employment Office, Financial Department, Logistics Department,College of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Physical Education, College of Physics & Electronic Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Information Science and Technology, Department of Tourism, School of Economics and Management, School of Psychology, College of Life Sciences, School of Journalism, Communication, Film and Television attended.

President Lin pointed out that we would further study and implement the important instructions and approvals of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding educational opening-up and base ourselves on the construction requirements of high level universities, accelerate and extend international exchange and cooperation to support the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. All schools should attach high importance and take actions quickly to vigorously promote the Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school, pursuing actual effects. Anyspecialties with resource advantages will be declared as pilots, continuously driving the declaration of all specialties; in addition, synergistic effect of all departments and schools should be brought into full play to broaden vision, tackle difficult tasks together and strive to make a breakthrough earlier. Geng Juan, Deputy Director of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Division introduced the declaration and implementation of the Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school of our university, and Director Liang of Office of Academic Affairs elaborated the negotiations and key points for auditing of declaration of the Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school.


Attendees reached a consensus on further promoting Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school.

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