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    Our university and Hamburg University of Technology in Germany held an online meeting on university cooperation in the afternoon of 8th of April, which strengthened the cooperation and consolidated the relationship between the two universities. Guo Jianchun, the Principal of our university, attended the meeting. Other delegates include the heads of the Human Resources, Graduate School, and Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office.

    Guo Jianchun extended greetings in German to the delegates and gave a detailed introduction on the training system, faculty and open education of our university. The universities exchanged views on future cooperation, and discussed topics on students exchange, scholars visiting, and research cooperation.

    This online meeting was the first official meeting since the universities signed the  Memorandum of Cooperation. This meeting was an opportunity to deepen the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, and to make greater contributions to the in-depth development of cultural exchanges between China and Germany.   


 (Photo by: Han Maoqing)

Online Meeting with the Hamburg University of Technology


Our university and the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany hold an online meeting on cooperation

Online Meeting with the Hamburg University of Technology


Principal Guo Jianchun delivered a speech



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