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    On the afternoon of September 13, a video conference of two presidents was held by State-run Movie&TV University of Saint Petersburg and our University. President Guo Jianchun and President Natalia Gorina (ѧѧݧڧ ڧߧ) of State-run Movie&TV University of Saint Petersburg exchanged their greetings each other, jointly explored the future plan of Sino-Russia cooperation (in the Radio and TV Editing major), and had a communication about problems in the current project development. Vice President Chen Xianfeng of our university and Vice President Alexander Babayan of State-run Movie&TV University of Saint Petersburg also attended the conference.

     President Guo thanked Russian leaders and related departments on behalf of our university for their support to project of running schools over the years; to continue the construction of this project, both parties should also reinforce mutual cooperation in the future, expand this project to promote the development of both universities in teachers, subject construction, professional brand influence of the Radio & TV Editing major, and strive to create this project into an international movie& TV college.-

    President Natalia Gorina expressed full affirmation to development of the project. She said that during the cooperation of both universities in running schools, Russian teachers and students had good communication, teachers liked Chinese students very much and a good relationship was built between teachers and students. She also agreed on the speech of President Guo, and said there was a great film shooting market in China and excellent film shooting environment in Hainan; she was expecting further cooperation between both parties in the future, which would bevery significant to Sino-Russian cultural exchange, development of Sino-Russian movie & TV industry and training of students.

    What’s more, both parties also conducted honest and friendly negotiation about some problems existing in the project of Sino-Russian cooperation in running schools (in the Radio & TV Editing major), and unanimously agreed to properly resolve any problems of legal basis in agreements, coordination in teaching processes and learning arrangements of students on the basis of meeting the requirements of both parties’ Ministries of Education for management of running schools, to continuously improve the school-running level of the project.

    Related persons in charge of Party and Administration Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Recruitment and Employment Office, Office of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange and School of Journalism, Communication, Film and Television, etc. attended the conference, which was presided over by the head of the School of Journalism, Communication, Film and Television. Attendees from State-run Movie&TV University of Saint Petersburg also included GalinaZimmerman, chief of Foreign Affairs Division, Svetlana Filippenkova, chief of Teaching Method Division, Svetlana Melnikova, director of Teaching and Research Office of Screenwriting, etc.


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