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On the afternoon of December 9th, the closing ceremony of the 39th Sports Meeting of Hainan Normal University was held in the sportsground of Guilinyang campus. Members of HNU’s party and government leadership team Guo Jianchun, Xu Mei, Yang Ziju, Han Shangfeng, Wang Yu, Liu Rubing, Bai Xianliang, Wang Renbin and Huang Yijun attended the closing ceremony, and the heads of government departments, sports teams and all teachers and students of Guilinyang campus attended.

The closing ceremony was presided over by Vice President Han Shangfeng.

In this sports meeting,School of Economics and Management won the championship in Group A with a total score of 277.5 points, and College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Mathematics and Statistics,School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, School of Education, Graduate School and School of  Primary Education won the second to eighth places in Group A respectively. Class 2 of Grade 2022 won the first place in Group B with a total score of 137 points, while Class 2 of Grade 2021 and Class 1 of Grade 2022 won the second and third place in Group B respectively. The high school affiliated to HNU won the first place in the teaching staff group with a total score of 205, while the affiliated primary school and the government organization team won the second and third place respectively. School of History and Culture, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Law, College of Arts, School of Economics and Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Mathematics and Statistics, and School of International Education won spiritual civilization awards.

School leaders presented awards to the winners. President Guo Jianchun delivered a closing speech to all the teachers and students, and on behalf of the school, she expressed warm congratulations to the teams and athletes who have achieved excellent results and heartfelt thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have worked hard for the sports meeting. She said that the athletes on the field struggled for the first place, the referees were fair and strict, the staff outside the field were enthusiastic and active, and the audience was warm and civilized, which fully demonstrated the cohesiveness and self-improvement spirit of the HNU in the new era and wrote a new chapter in the development of school physical education. Itis hoped that all teachers and students will apply the spirit of being brave in competition and perseverance in this sports meeting to their future study and work, and strive for a better tomorrow for the school and create new glory.

Finally, Xu Mei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee (presiding over the work), announced the successful conclusion of the 39th Sports Meeting of Hainan Normal University.

Photography: (Han Maoqing)

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