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On December 15th, the opening ceremony of the second“Chinese Debate Competition between Chinese and Malaysian College Students” jointly organized by Hainan Normal University andConfucius Institute of SEGi University of Malaysia was held online. This year’s “Chinese Debate Competition between Chinese and Malaysian College Students” aims to further strengthen youth exchanges between China and Malaysia, promote the development of friendly relations between China and Malaysia, and carry forward the traditional cultural spirit of the Chinese nation.

Ouyang Yujing, Ambassador of China to Malaysia, Guo Jianchun, President of our school, and Professor Azrin, President of SEGi University attended the opening ceremony. More than 60 people attended the opening ceremony, including Chinese and foreign deans of five Confucius Institutes in Malaysia, expert consultants of debate competitions, judges’ representatives and students’d,m  representatives of 26 university debate teams in China and Malaysia.

Ouyang Yujing, Guo Jianchun and Azrin respectively delivered welcoming speeches for the opening ceremony of the debate. They pointed out that this debate competition is a useful attempt to promote youth students from China and Malaysia to learn to speculate, exchange ideas, grow spiritually and make common progress. It is hoped that the debaters of Chinese and Malaysian college students who participate in this debate will distinguish their manners, elegance, style, knowledge, friendship and brand-new selves. It is hoped that students will live up to their youth and the times, study hard, master knowledge and skills, closely combine the realization of their dreams with strengthening cooperation between countries, and contribute to mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Malaysia and the friendship between the two countries from generation to generation.

This debate was strongly supported by the Embassy of China in Malaysia. It is hoped to take this debate competition as an opportunity to further deepen exchanges and cooperation with brother universities and make greater contributions to the in-depth development of cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia.


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