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On the morning of February 20th, President Guo Jianchun, Vice Presidents Chen Xianfeng, Han Shangfeng, Wang Yu, Han Xiaoyu and Bai Xianliang went to Longkun South campus and Guilinyang campus to inspect the teaching situation on the first day of our university.

University leaders randomly visited students’ classrooms, laboratories, microteaches, classroom management rooms and other places in the two campuses, and inspected the teaching monitoring screen, including teachers’ arrival, lesson preparation and counseling, students’ attendance, learning status, textbooks in place, classrooms and laboratory teaching facilities and other preparations. They listened to the first lesson of the new semester with classmates, cordially asked students about their physical condition, and encouraged students to catch up with their studies delayed by the epidemic, with full spirit.     

Guo Jianchun fully affirmed the development of teaching in the new semester, and said that it is necessary to further improve the orderly development of various teaching work in the new semester, standardize teachers’ classroom teaching and dress appropriately, and ensure the normal teaching order, teaching facilities and various work requirements are in place. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management of returning to university in the new semester, anti-fraud publicity and education, promote the smooth, orderly and efficient operation of teaching in the new semester, and ensure that teachers and students are engaged in all teaching work in the new semester with a good mental outlook.

Relevant persons in charge of the Party and Government Office, Propaganda Department, Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Department, Graduate University, Logistics Management Office and Security Office attended the inspection.

Photography: (Han Maoqing)



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