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According to the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu, on July 5th, Vanuatu President Barbara Wu held a medal ceremony at the Presidential Palace, awarding Dai Chunchao and three other Chinese language teachers with the Medal of Honor, recognizing their outstanding contributions to promoting Chinese language education.  Li Minggang, Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, was invited to attend the ceremony and congratulated and praised the three teachers for their positive contributions to enhancing the friendship between the Chinese and Vanuatu peoples.

Dai Chunchao is a 2007 undergraduate graduate of HNNU. From 2007 to 2015, he was recommended by HNNU and sent to Thailand as a Chinese language teacher by the National Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters (now the Center for Sino-Foreign Language Cooperation). Since 2016, Dai Chunchao has been sent by HNNU and selected and evaluated by the National Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters in China. He has been sent to teach at the Vila Port Central School in Vanuatu.

During his 8 years as a teacher in Vanuatu, Dai Chunchao overcame numerous difficulties and actively promoted the development of Chinese language teaching. In addition to completing the teaching tasks of his school, he also went to other small islands to teach Chinese, covering multiple islands. So far, he has taught more than 6,000 Chinese learners, of which 10 students have won Chinese government scholarships to further their studies in China. The award of this medal represents Vanuatu's high recognition of the work of Chinese teacher Dai Chunchao.

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