Xu Mei Inspected the Enrollment and Admissions of Regular Undergraduate Students Release date:2023-07-18 15:44:00  Information Sources:  Pageviews:

On the afternoon of July 18th, Xu Mei, the Secretary of the HNNU Party Committee, visited the online admission site for the 2023 regular undergraduate enrollment of HNNU to inspect its undergraduate enrollment and admission work. Accompanied by the head of the Party and Government Office and the Enrollment and Employment Department of HNNU.

Xu Mei inspected the Enrollment and warmly comforted the frontline staff, carefully reviewed the admission notice and admission instructions for freshmen, and checked the admission data statistics through the admission management assistance system. She gained a detailed understanding of the admission progress of each province (city, district), especially the admission situation of the newly added major--Environmental Design major (Sino-foreign Cooperation in running school) this year. Xu Mei fully affirmed the undergraduate enrollment and admission work and expressed gratitude to all staff on behalf of the HNNU Party Committee. She emphasized that HNNU must grasp the relevant enrollment policy documents, handle the enrollment and admission work fairly, cautiously, and meticulously, and also do a good job in logistical support to ensure the smooth completion of undergraduate enrollment and admission tasks.

It is reported that so far 1097 undergraduate freshmen have been admitted. The first batch of admission notices was sent out on July 18th, and the enrollment process will continue until mid-August.

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