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On the afternoon of July 26th, HNNU held a special meeting on the employment of 2023 graduates in the conference room of the Longkunnan Campus. The meeting was chaired by President Guo Jianchun, and attended by Han Shangfeng (online) and Wang Yu, Members of the Standing Committee of the University Party Committee and Vice Presidents. Relevant functional departments and college leaders also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the person in charge of the Enrollment and Employment Department introduced the overall situation of employment and entrepreneurship of HNNU's graduates, and Han Shangfeng proposed deployment requirements for further improving the employment work of HNNU's graduates.

Guo Jianchun represents the HNNU's recognition of the efforts and achievements made by employment workers at all levels. She pointed out that the employment of college graduates is an important political task and livelihood work, and everyone should have a high sense of responsibility and mission to finish the job well in the current and future employment work for the 2023 graduates of HNNU. Firstly, HNNU should recognize the situation, identify gaps, and effectively improve employment quality based on problem orientation. At the same time, HNNU should understand the latest national and provincial employment policy trends and the employment demand dynamics of graduates, analyze the current employment situation, clarify the shortcomings and gaps of school employment work, ensure the humanization and authenticity of employment work, and promote the further improvement of the quality of school employment work. The second is to enhance political standing, fully understand the importance of doing a good job in employment work, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission in employment work. The employment of college graduates is related to social stability and people's happiness, as well as the future development of millions of young people. It is a major political task and livelihood project. We need to enhance our sense of responsibility and mission in doing a good job in employment work from the perspective of politics and safeguarding people's livelihoods and implement the high attention and a series of decisions and deployments of the Party and the country to employment work into our employment work practice. The third is to focus on the next key work. HNNU should ensure more sufficient and high-quality employment for graduates in need, develop relevant plans to carry out employment data verification work, promptly remind graduates to update employment data, provide employment assistance in a more meticulous and warm way, and further improve the quantity and quality of employment for graduates.

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